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How do two sisters who live a thousand miles apart keep strong bonds and continue to enjoy activities together? Other than racking up huge cell phone and texting charges? Start a blog about something that is a passion to each of them: cooking. Poof! The brainstorming for The Simmering Sisters blog began.

Who are we? Give us a few moments of your time and we will fill you in.

Jessica is a mom of two kids – one boy and one girl – she greatly appreciates a quick, easy and/or cheap meal. Also, her family has recently decided to be healthier by paring down the “crappy food” intake and make conscious choices to eat healthier food.

Cassie is a “Future Mrs.”- to be married in May- who has been a chef at heart since she was a little girl.  Having flirted with the idea of formal culinary study for much of her twenties, she greatly appreciates recipes of the “fanciful” variety.  It is her mission to keep the affection of her beloved through amazing food.

So how do The Simmering Sisters rock a blog? With humor, of course! Oh, and some awesome (and perhaps not-so-awesome) recipes too. Because we too get overwhelmed when searching for a recipe and are inundated with thousands of choices and little clue as to how good they will be. So how are we going to help in that quest? Like this:

The Simmering Sisters Rules

  1. Bi-weekly cooking challenges imparted by one of the sisters. Some examples would be:In the first week of the challenge, each sister cooks her chosen recipe. In the second week, the sisters swap recipes and cook their sister’s recipe.

    1. “The Head to Head Challenge” which is putting two different recipes of the same dish head-to-head,

    2. “The Iron Chef Challenge” which includes declaring what the main ingredient(s) is and each sister executes a different recipe,

    3. or “The Version Challenge” in which one sister creates a dish’s traditional recipe and the other sister creates an alternate version of the same dish, for example “The Healthy Version” or “The Crock Pot Version.”

  2. Judging will primarily be performed by the sisters and their spouses, however whenever additional family and friends can be recruited to taste and judge, they will be used as guinea pigs, er, participants.

  3. Each sister will write about her cooking experience – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Basically, it will be a concise version of the thousands of comments each recipe on the internet has. Pictures are a must!

  4. Finally, the winning recipe will be noted in the narrative as well as the sister’s recipe page, for ease of reference!

We are so excited to share our recipes with you and look for our first challenge soon!

Jessica and Cassie


About Jess

Hi, I am Jess. I am a warrior. A #MSWarrior. And I am not going to let my diagnosis stop me from going beyond. My journey includes pursuing graduate education, a 2nd degree black belt, a healthier me, and hopefully, a lot of laughter.

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