And Jessica Throws the Gauntlet… Iron Chef Challenge: Country Grits, Y’all

Jessica Says…

Alright, alright, it’s my turn to throw the gauntlet and for this challenge, I am doing an homage to my little sister’s new home… we are going to make some good ol’ country grits, y’all!

I figure my little sister is going to have to have a few good grits recipes in her back pocket now that she and her new husband have made Kentucky their home, so here we go!

Now a bit of honest disclosure… I have never made grits before, ever. However I found (what I think could be) an amazing recipe for Shrimp n’ Grits on the Martha Stewart website. I know what you are thinking – what could Martha-freaking-Stewart know about making grits? Well hold onto your uvula, folks because I am going to say something else that is going to rock your country socks off…

Not only am I making a Martha Stewart grits recipe, but the recipe calls for quick cooking grits. I know, it’s a sacrilege.

However, I am a northern-er so I figure why not? If a northern-er can’t make a recipe with quick cooking grits than no one can, right? I also figure that with all the yummy goodness that will go into this recipe, you will never know they are instant grits.

So here I go, off to make some grits for the first time, confident that this recipe will make me victorious over all of Grit-dom!

Yes, I totally made ‘Grit-dom’ up. Come on, work with me here.

And Cassie must say…

Instant grits?!  You don’t have to watch My Cousin Vinnie a dozen times to know that this Kentucky-girl will certainly not be headed to her local grocery to brave the walk of register shame with a box of instant grits.  While I admire my sister’s trust in Ms. Stewart, I doubt that her time in the clink was long enough to make a true hill-billy out of her, (though I enjoy the thought that she made friends).  God speed my love…. God speed.

Cheddar grits are a staple in Kentucky, and I have enthusiastically jumped on the wagon, (quite unlike the more disturbing staple of copious amounts of Mountain Dew).   I am quite surprisingly filled with Appalachian pride to prepare them.   Game on!



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